Category: Chronic Pain

2 women at the shore, one in a mobility scooter. Embracing holistic health and wellness has been a real game-changer for those of us navigating the challenging journey of chronic pain. The client-centered and holistic approach is like a trusty sidekick, offering valuable support and making the whole experience a bit more manageable. Now, let's dive into ShelleyRae's adventure, a 12-step journey that's all about finding relief and restoring balance.

Empowering Individuals in Managing Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain A complex and multifaceted condition that requires a comprehensive approach to management. Health and wellness coaching, with its client-centered and holistic approach, proves to be a valuable tool in supporting individuals with chronic pain. Empowering Individuals in Managing Chronic Pain Living with chronic pain can be a challenging and overwhelming experience, affecting every […]

Why Me?

We’ve All Asked – Why Me? Why Me? When it comes to a Chronic Pain Diagnosis I think we’ve all asked “Why me? The answer may be very easy and clear. A medical procedure gone wrong or a traumatic injury are common. The harder answer is – there isn’t an answer. Personally, I think there […]

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